What is a lifestyle session?

A lifestyle photoshoot is a style of photoshoot to capture your immediate family in your home in a more natural setting. Capturing those special moments between family members and your new arrival between snuggles, diaper changes, feedings, burping, kisses, siblings, soothing, etc. This is not a traditional sit in front of the camera and smile session. There may be mild posing of family members or of baby but in a very relaxed state. 

Do I need to prepare my home?

You do not need to clean your house up and down for this session. There may be wider shots however many of the photos will not be wide shots. Meaning you will likely not see entire rooms. If there seems to be clutter in an area where lots of shots may be taken we can simply move items as needed. Remember there is no judgement here!
Natural light is our friend! The most ideal lighting is natural light and so I do not bring any lighting equipment with me to lifestyle sessions. The photos will be taken where lighting is best. Typically this is the Master bedroom near a window but this is not strict. I also suggest not having a busy bed set. Don't feel like you need to run to the store for a new one. Plain sheets work just fine too. :) 

Is this a posed session?

Yes....and no. This is not a traditional family photoshoot. I want you to feel as stress free and comfortable as possible. Think of it more as me as an observer capturing those special moments for you in your natural environment. That being said, I might set a scene or may have some suggestions during the session or ask just Mom or just Dad to hold baby to get some shots. I may also mildly pose baby on the bed. 

Should I get dressed up?

My suggestion is to wear clothes that are casual and comfortable. Preferably something that does not have large logos or extremely vibrant or distracting colors. Natural/Neutral tones usually works best with minimal makeup. 

When is the best time for Lifestyle Sessions?

The most ideal timeframe for this type of session is 1-4 weeks after baby is born.