What to expect from your Newborn Photoshoot


 Thank you so much for considering Jordan Leigh Ellis Photography. As I am a traveling photographer I'd like to provide some notes and tips on what to expect during your newborn photoshoot. 

  Newborns grow so fast during their first few months of life. Typically, the ideal time frame to get the most poseable photos is within the first 2 weeks after baby is born. I typically will photograph newborns up to 4 weeks old. Usually after 2 weeks a newborn realizes they can stretch! This makes those super curly poses a bit more tricky. I will do my best to get those cute curled baby photos. Some babies are totally okay with being moved about while some babies just do not like to be disturbed. Sometimes a baby may get fussy during posing. That is okay! I will use soothing techniques to sooth your baby when they get fussy during poses. That being said, if baby seems absolutely unhappy with a particular pose I will never force the baby into it. All poses will be up to the babies discretion therefore I cannot guarantee certain poses. If you as the parent insist on a particular pose that baby doesn't like the first time I may try again after a few different poses but again, if baby seems completely against it I will not do that particular pose.

    When I arrive at your home I will scout out a good place to set up for photos. If your home has good natural lighting I will likely try to set up nearest that location. There are some factors when it comes to natural lighting.  The most important being weather and time of day. If the lighting does not seem ideal I will set up my equipment. Equipment set up takes approx. 15-20 minutes depending on the situation. Once we find a good spot I will bring in my equipment. 

   Typically I travel with a Newborn Posing Beanbag and Ring Stand. The stand is 45 inches in diameter. The beanbag provides a smooth and seamless backdrop and a safe space for your precious baby. If you think you do not have room for the beanbag please let me know when you book your slot. I will simply use other methods and I am happy to accommodate homes that do not have enough open space for the beanbag. This accommodation typically involves using a bed in your home or possibly a couch (depending on the size) or even a kitchen table as long as it is a sturdy and large enough or even a clean area on the floor if nothing else works. Please take into consideration that because I will be traveling to you I am coming to an unfamiliar location. I will do my best with the space that you have available in your home.

   In the event that I will be setting up lighting equipment this involves wires, light stands, umbrellas, etc. During your shoot I may also be using a posing bag, props, space heater, floor mats, backdrops as needed and as per whatever space is available. Please plan accordingly.

   I highly recommend NOT feeding baby 1.5 hours before your session time if at all possible. Right before we begin shooting (after equipment is set up)is the best time for a feeding and burping. This will typically put baby right to sleep making more time to get more pictures.

  Try to keep baby awake and stimulated about an hour or more before your session. I know this can be tricky with newborns and with your own sleep deprivation. You got this! Babies that have been asleep before or close to session time will be more difficult to pose and unsettled during your session time.

  Safety is the utmost importance during your session. I am fully vaccinated and I will be masked 100% of the time during your session and hands will be washed upon arriving. I will be handling/posing your baby. While sleepy babies may seem like a perfect model they can be unpredictable. During any delicate poses on any props (buckets, chairs, etc.) hands will need to be kept close to baby while I am taking the photo. While taking these posed photos mom/dad or any other designated adult you designate will need to act as a spotter for certain poses. 

Any props used during session are washed and/or sanitized between photo sessions. 

  While newborns typically sleep through a lot, it is ideal to maintain a calm environment during your session time. Please plan accordingly.